New Year’s Resolutions and Mindfulness

Hi everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and ate merrily and drank just as well! My quote of the year:

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Mahatma Ghandi


I’m not usually one to jump onto the New Year- new me band wagon – I tend to think if changes need to be made in my life I will simply just make them, I don’t wait around for anything. But, this year is different. I find myself increasingly in a position of influence and authority. I wouldn’t call myself a role model but running a medium sized society and founding a whole campaign definitely puts me in a place where people listen more intently to what I say than they did before all of this took off. Whilst I feel honoured and happy that my ideas on body confidence are being #EMbraced and supported I find myself even more critical and controlling over what I say and do. As my Mother tells me often, mostly might I add by accompanying her words with rolling eyes, I must practice what I preach. So in light of these words of wisdom, this great pressure, especially for a girl like me who has multiple ideas and interests all at once, one of my New Year Resolutions is to be more educated and conscious of the ethics and morals of companies I associate myself, and therefore #EMcampaign with.

Before I continue, please take a minute to watch this. Inspired by cruelfreekittyblog (which is fantastic by the way and you MUST go have a read of it), I decided to research for myself this animal testing business that so many of us talk about but do not really understand or appreciate.

“The majority of animal experiments in the EU are reported to cause ‘moderate’ or ‘severe suffering’ to the animals – according to the researchers who carry them out. In the UK in 2012, 62% of licences granted by the Government allowed animals to be subjected to moderate or severe suffering. Over 70% of experiments were carried out without providing the animals with a local or general anaesthetic.” (


Animal testing refers to the use of animals to identify the risks and outcomes of ingredients and products before their use on humans.

This research involves:


  • injecting or force feeding animals with potentially harmful substances
  • exposing animals to radiation
  • surgically removing animals’ organs or tissues to deliberately cause damage
  • forcing animals to inhale toxic gases
  • subjecting animals to frightening situations to create anxiety and depression. found here


This anti-animal-testing plea is not a vegan-rant or anti-establishmentarian grumble, it’s a responsibility we all have as compassionate and responsbile humans, its a decision we all must make.  We do not actually even have a real need any more to test on them. There are over 7,000 safe ingredients that cosmetic companies can choose from to forumlate their products, these have already been proven as safe and so do not require further testing. Many companies do successfully use these already with no affect to their gross profit margins.

More reasons to stop animal testing sourced from here.

  • There are several alternative methods available today, and they make animal testing completely obsolete. Technology is awesome and allows us to use in-vitro testing, computer models or even to replicate real human organs on microchips. Let’s spare the millions of animals and use this new technology.

  • Animal toxicity tests are not scientifically meaningful. The surprising reality is that, for medical research as well as cosmetic ingredients, the results aren’t accurate. This is because humans and animals are genetically different.

  • Animal abuse laws don’t apply to laboratory animals. This double standard has no real basis. Animal abuse is animal abuse, and all animals can experience pain and suffering.


As Head of Plymouth’s Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle society cosmetics are a huge fascinated love in my life. Companies are being uncovered daily for testing on animals in China -where it is still legal, to avoid tighter regulations and bans within Europe. Not only is this of course unethical and morally cruel, it is also lying to the customer over here in sunny ol’England- you and me. I’ve worked in sales, I’ve been there; you do not lie to the customer, and the customer is paramount. These companies are taking advantage of our trust and belief in them to exploit European laws. If animal testing itself isn’t a big issue for you (which really I think it should be; look here…) then surely the lies of a company that should openly and happily give complete transparency into its creation and manufacturing creation should be a huge concern.

Found here

‘Animals have a mind, body and soul just like humans do – we wouldn’t want to be abused and tested on, so why would they?’ – Laura Hooper

I have always adored MAC cosmetics. It’s hard for me to accept that they too are involved in this scam. However, I strive this coming year to do exactly as I preach. I will not condone a company that can sneak its way around ethics and morals of a country I love, neither can i condone and jusitfy using products that are tested on violated animals. As an animal lover I can’t do it, and I won’t.

Companies I have loved and trusted hide the fact they test on animals. BENEFIT cosmetics as an example of many do this in their very misleading mission statement:

  • Other makeup brands confirm they are cruelty free, why doesn’t Benefit?

    Benefit is against cruelty to animals. It is our goal to be as transparent and honest with our customers as possible. We believe the “cruelty free” certifications provide unclear explanations to consumers, as it implies that none of the ingredients incorporated into products have ever been tested on animals. This is a nearly impossible certification for any cosmetic company to make. We prefer to be able to stand 100% behind our claims.

  • Can you tell me which ingredients may have been tested on animals?

    Benefit does not test our cosmetic products on animals and we require our raw material suppliers to provide safety information based on scientifically accepted alternative testing methods. It is nearly impossible for any cosmetic company to certify that all new and existing ingredients incorporated into products have never been tested on animals as part of the safety research and certification process. Benefit selects high quality raw materials with well-established safety records and uses an extensive ingredient database. Benefit is committed to maintaining the highest standards of human safety while eliminating the need for testing on animals.

BENEFIT are not alone. The following brands also test on animals:


Amazing Cosmetics
Artistry (Amway)
Bobbi Brown
Cle de Peau
Dolce & Gabbana
Estee Lauder
Giorgio Armani
Helena Rubinstein
Laura Mercier
Make Up For Ever
Marc Jacobs
Mary Kay
Max Factor
Rimmel London
Shu Uemura
Sinful Colors
Tom Ford
Tony Moly
Yves Saint Laurent

found here , follow cruelfreekitty for a full list of companies that provide toothpaste, skin care, makeup and fragrance that has tested on animals.

I have always used so many Benefit cosmetics and cutting down on their makeup alone is no easy task. A self-confessed make-up Hoare, I live and breathe my beauty products and survive only with my makeup bag. This brings me to my second resoutions. I solemnly swear, (Sorry makeup Gods!), to reduce the amount of make up I wear and the number of products I use on a daily basis starting….NOW! (MY HEART IS BREAKING!).

I love companies like Lush and The Body Shop where they’re against animal testing! I hate the thought of putting on makeup which has been tried and tested on innocent little beagles and bunnies. I own both dogs and rabbits and I couldn’t imagine putting them through any of that torture!‘ -Isabelle King

I shocked myself when I counted how many different products I use as part of my daily routine (in excess of 15 on average!), skin care, makeup, touch-ups, not only is this excessive and pretty darn sad, it also affects the health of my skin, and the health of my bank balance! It all adds up, not only by increasing my consumption of commercial goods making me victim to advertising, marketing and sales hooks but it also adds to the ageing process of my skin and the health of that great and vital organ! This is the greatest resolution for me this year. To stop plastering myself in artificial substances and chemicals in a mask of confidence and once again walk the walk and not simple talk the…well, you know the saying.


I from now on will accept that I will have the occasional blemish, cut down on the number of products I use daily and therefore allow myself to be more picky about what I buy and put on my body, ensuring then, that every product I use is ethical and un-harmful to my (ever fading) youthfulness!



In support of #EMcampaign I ask you to do the same and send us your beautiful fresh faced selfies to us on our facebook page (link below).

Below are a list of my top New Year ‘safe-zone’ products all of which I have tried and tested and adored (enough to use in replacement of MAC, and that’s saying something!) :

  1. URBAN DECAY NAKED PALLETTE, this has become CRAZY popular over the last year and rightly so, not only is it amazing quality with fantastic colours but Urban Decay are one of the few highstreet makeup brands that are totally cruelty free! So worth it at £38, find them here: Urban

urban decay

2. LUSH CELESTIAL MOISTURIZER, Ok, this product is my desert island item. I could not EVER live without it. I have quite dry skin on my face, especially in the winter and this is just AMAZING. Its rich without being heavy and smells fabulous, the perfect base for applying makeup. And guess what? TOTALLY cruelty free. I could list another 20 items from LUSH. It’s totally affordable and a totally fail safe brand to stick to. If you’re ever in doubt…GO to LUSH!


3.  TROPICS, this is  relatively new brand for me, and I must confess I have not yet actually purchased any of their items BUT, the samples I have had will force me to become a sworn follower and worshipper of this cruetly free totally natural company. Their pallettes are gorgeous (See below) but they also do a full range of skin care, accessories and foundations. Check it out!

4. SPECTRUM MAKE UP BRUSHES, I just love, love,love these! And how couldn’t you? They look great and theyre totally vegan. GET IN!



For a PETA approved list of cruelty free companies click here.

For further reading go here.




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